Natural Ways To Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction

cure erectile dysfunction naturally

Erectile dysfunction is something that is keeping the sexologists on toes these days. Impotence in men is a grabbing a bigger slice of the pie than ever because of the change in lifestyle, hormones, stress, smoking, and various other medical ailments. In this condition, the individual is unable to experience an erection or cannot stay firm during sexual intercourse. It also leads to reduced sex drive in males.

A study shows that this problem is on the rise. Almost 15 million to 30 million of the men are suffering from the same. However, it is temporary in most cases and becomes chronic only when it occurs as a result of some serious medical conditions.

Manhood and sexual performance have been linked for centuries. Even in older days, the kings used to prove their masculinity by keeping their women sexually satisfied and happy. This societal standard has made erectile dysfunction a taboo, almost like a phobia.

But, there is no need to be embarrassed about the same. It is something as natural as any other illness. In reality, it is not even an illness. It is a temporary phase in most of the men.

Reasons for sexual dysfunction in men

  • It is growing lately due to the paradigm shift in the way of living. A lot of teenagers and young adults can be seen living reckless lives these days, with gross involvement is drugs and alcohol. It is the biggest contributing factor to impotence.
  • Constant premature ejaculations or too much-delayed ejaculations can also be a result of increased stress and mental health issues in the present times.
  • It can also be due to personal relationship problems between the partners.
  • In some men, it is a natural response to the excessive pressure of performing in bed.
  • Some of the other causes include slowing of sexual response due to heart ailments, high blood pressure, age, obesity, certain types of medications, surgeries, insomnia, and the list is endless.

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Ways for getting out of the problem

It is common in both men and women, yet people are hesitant in discussing it and getting proper treatment for the same.

It is curable in most cases, but in respect of some chronic cases, it can only be improved but not completely healed. There can be a variety of treatments for Erectile dysfunction depending upon the root cause of the problem. These include oral medications, therapy sessions, hormones injections, penis pumps or vacuums, implants, communication sessions, etc.

It has always been associated with unsatisfactory sex life, developing self-esteem issues, trouble in getting the partner pregnant, relationship problems, frustration, and in extreme cases, even anxiety and depression.

Natural ways to get rid of Erectile dysfunction

There is a silver lining for the large chunk of society that is ashamed and wants to keep their bedroom issues behind the closed door. A lot of natural and organic products are available and can be used to treat the condition at home. These remedies are person-specific and can work for some but not for everyone.

Some of the trustworthy and reliable ones are-

Using aphrodisiacs-There are a lot of products derived from nature that are sex stimulants and can help in getting rid of this condition. Some of these are garlic, chili, pomegranate juice, nuts, fish, watermelon, etc. A study suggested that men who drank coffee on a regular basis have a decreased risk of getting prostate cancer and increased sexual desire. Spicy foods also act as a driving force for sex. An Interesting way of keeping things hot!

Acupuncture and acupressure-It is an ancient Chinese therapy involving needles inserted in the targeted area as a cure to a lot of ailments. It is said to have a positive impact on the nervous system, digestion, cardiovascular system, immune system, and almost all the other areas. For sexual dysfunction, the pressure is applied to various listed points to release the tension and energy, which in turn results in a faster healing process.

Regular exercise-Obesity is one of the most common causes of less sex drive and impotence. A healthy lifestyle accompanied by a regular workout routine is known to be one of the most tried and tested methods to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Not only is it linked to losing weight, but also brings back the hormone level to normal and channelizes the energy. It is also helpful with other physical as well as mental ailments, which can be a contributing cause to the dysfunction.

Arginine-Thought it alone may not completely cure the condition, but it can speed up the process. It occurs naturally in foods like corn, oats, peanuts, meat, etc. It is conducive to facilitating erections by dilating blood vessels and increasing the flow of blood to the penis due to the creation of nitric oxide. Taking 5gms of arginine regularly is said to improve the sexual functions and performance to a great extent.

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Change in habits and lifestyle-Researched have shown that smoking and alcoholism are associated with a reduced sex drive as well as difficulty in staying erect during the activity. Therefore, it is essential to quit smoking and cut back on alcohol to a great extent for better sexual performance. Apart from this, having a proper sleeping schedule, reduced stress, happy environment are all essential for enjoying sex life better.

Ginseng-This ginger-looking root is popularly called as herbal Viagra. Researchers have shown that red ginseng has a positive effect in treating sexual dysfunctions when taken on a regular basis. It is said to have Ginsenosides, which helps in improving the erection for a longer period.

CBD Oil-This plant-based organic compound is known to help treat a lot of ailments, like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and various other mental and physical problems. These are some of the contributing factors of erectile dysfunction.

Healthy diet-Carotenoids rich foods must be consumed, such as carrots, oranges, apricots, grapefruits, etc. It is said to increase virility in men. A balanced diet is essential for getting proper vitamins and nutrients in the body, which further helps in reducing the condition to a great extent.

Kegel Exercises-Initially famous only for women, these are now widely used by men to increase sexual performance and control by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises, coupled with an aerobic workout, can help in bringing back the sexy groove.

Shatter the barriers

Apart from these cures and remedies, it is important for the partners to be open and have healthy communication sessions regarding their sexual lives to blow the steam off. Many-a-times, it is this one good conversation that can set things in place.

Sex is a significant part of any healthy relationship, but it is not the epicentre. Physical intimacy is as important as the connection of two souls, but it should not be achieved by pointing a gun at the partner’s head. Well, not literally! Both the partners should be equally comfortable and encouraging and should restraint from putting performance pressure on the other.

Erectile dysfunction has become a common problem. It is something that a lot of men of almost every age go through once in their lifetimes, especially due to psychological factors. It is important to break the shackles associated with it and talk about impotence with ease rather than making it a taboo.

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