10 Effective Ways To Increase Your Sexual Libido For Men

increase male sexual libido

The male’s libido is always high & in overdrive, right? Well, wrong — In case you don’t know 1 out of every 5 men actually possess a low libido.

One in five men do not want to have sex! Yes, you read that right now do you wonder, how is that true? Also, why have not you heard about it in the past? Actually, several women are used to hearing this phrase “Not tonight, honey.” Most people wonder that it is an unusual occurrence. “However, almost 30 percent of women go on to say they’ve more interest when it comes to sex when compared to their partner.”

Causes of Low Libido

So what is behind this low libido? Aging does play a role, although many older men do have a strong interest in sex. Like any other human trait, the sex drive as well varies.

Anxiety, health concerns, age, & relationship difficulties can all impact libido. While low sex drive is not normally problematic, it can impact a person’s self-esteem & relationships.

It Varies

The faster you learn, the better it is that low sex drive or Libido generally varies between people. Having a low libido isn’t necessarily an issue, but when a person wants to boost their sex drive, they may try the range of useful natural ways.

Boosting Sex Drive in Men

Libido or sex drive in men is quite often related to the testosterone levels, which generally decline in men with age. Testosterone replacement therapy may help a few men.

In guys with testosterone hypogonadism or deficiency, replacement therapy of testosterone can result in enhanced libido, minimized depression, and enhanced erectile function.

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Natural Ways That Can Boost Libido

Males can go on to boost their sex drive using the below-mentioned methods:


1. Via Managing anxiety

Having a higher level of anxiety is one of the common barriers to libido and sexual functioning for males. The anxiety may be a cause of some particular sex-related stress or life stress.

People with such intense work schedules, caring duties, or other stresses of life may feel tired and, as a consequence, have a lower libido.

Stress and anxiety can also go on to make it difficult for people to get an erection or maintain, which may put an individual off having sex.


2. Improve the quality of your relationship

Many individuals experience a pause in their sexual desire and rate at particular points in their relationship. This generally occurs after staying with an individual for a longer period of time, or if the person perceives that a few things aren’t going well in the intimate relationships.

You may focus on improving the overall relationship that can increase the sex drive in your partner. This might include:

  • planning the date nights
  • doing things together
  • practicing open communication

3. Focus on foreplay

Having a better sexual experience may increase an individual’s sex drive for the sex, thereby enhancing the libido. In most cases, people may enhance sexual experiences via spending their larger time on kissing, touching, using a few of the sex toys, and going all out for oral sex.

For women, the act of foreplay can be particularly important. As per research, only about 18 % of women go on to experience orgasm from only intercourse, while 33.6 % of women state that pique of the clits is essential for them to experience orgasm.


4. Get quality sleep

Getting a night of good sleep may enhance an individual’s energy levels & overall mood, and a few research also associates sleep quality to sex drive or libido


5. Eat a nutritious & healthy diet

Following a healthy and nutritious diet on daily basis can advantage people’s libido by promoting good circulation and health of the heart, and by eliminating explicit foods that may decrease libido.

Consuming a diet that is rich in veggies, high in terms of lean protein, and low in sugar, can assist to prevent disorders that may affect libido.


6. Use of Supplements & herbal remedies

Numerous popular and effective supplement products are available on the market. Their watchfully opted ingredients function collectively to enhance libido and sexual encounters along with the size of a penis for men. These supplements are usually taken to enhance the sex drive, sexual performance, or libido. Making men last a little longer in your bed and overcome the sexual dysfunction if any. If you’re looking for some organic supplements that can assist you to enhance your libido, then you can easily get them as there are endless supplements available on the market. You may also check over the internet and you will find many effective supplements.

Also, you may try some of the effective herbal remedies that are there for improving sexual function and enhancing libido or sex drive in males. The below mentioned herbal remedies can help in enhancing men’s sex drive or libido and also improve sexual function:

  • Tribulus
  • Maca
  • Ginseng
  • Gingko

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7. Get exercise on a daily basis

Indulging yourself into daily exercise can assist libido in several ways. As per the 2015 study, it’s learned that exercise on a daily basis helped men to cope with problems such as low libido, body image concerns, and relationship changes.

8. Maintain a healthy weight

A few of the scientists associate obesity and overweight to low libido or sex drive. This is linked with hormonal factors, like low testosterone concentrations.

Maintaining a body-weight that is healthy as per your height can enhance a person’s libido or sex drive, both psychologically & physically.


9. Try sex therapy

Therapy is a pretty effective approach for improving low libido or sex drive. Individual counselling may help address adverse views regarding self-esteem, sex, and secondary origins of low libidos, like anxiety and depression.


10. Stop smoking & Alcohol

Smoking cigarettes can damage an individual’s cardiovascular system. And for sound sexual functioning one needs good heart health. However, people still don’t care and besides knowing things in advance they tend to take it for granted, which in result impacts their performance in bed.

Alcohol in moderate amounts — such as a few of the occasional glasses of some red wine — may offer a few health benefits. But, drinking a little too much may go on to reduce fertility in even men and not to ignore women as well.

The NIAAA, which stands for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the United States cautions that the use of alcohol is associated with low sex drive or libido, testosterone level, and variations in the amount of several other reproductive hormones in a humans body.

Hopefully, this guide will throw some bright light on people who are dealing with the issue of low libido. You now know what to do! So what are you all waiting for? Go, just try things out and see if that helps.

You will most likely see the difference on a positive note. That’s when you will go on to finish well in bed with your love and you will be able to sleep well.

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