11 Issues That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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Some people may not expressly accept it, but deep down, everybody knows that physical intimacy plays a very significant role for any couple. Physical activeness is still considered to be the representation of self-esteem. Not getting enough pleasure or not giving your partner a satisfying session can affect both the relationship and the individuality. With the change in lifestyles, erectile dysfunction is becoming ordinary. If you want to keep this disappointment away or even if you are looking for ways to deal with it, give a thorough reading till the last line.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction

It is an acronym for Erectile Dysfunction and is the inability to initiate or uphold an erection in men. Poor blood rush is suggested to be the base factor responsible for penis droop.

Hence, any physical or mental activity that becomes the barrier in blood flow is the most probable cause behind such dysfunctions. Men take a good erection as the symbol of their masculinity. If you want to continue being the satisfied lovebirds, you should strengthen the physical closeness by eliminating sexual issues.

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Everybody should take time from their busy lives to regularly do a self-checkup of their physical and mental well-being. Likewise, self-inspection can also help you to detect early signs of erection problems. Erectile Dysfunction is common and can be treated with timely detection and attendance. Some of the foremost signs are:-

  • No erection
  • Soft erections
  • Short erections
  • Reduced sexual interest

Don’t be hesitant to address these indications. Acting early would help you gain back the sexual prowess as early as possible.

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The main causes can be bifurcated as physical and mental barriers. However, comprehensively there are most common 11 issues that can cause erectile dysfunction as detailed below:-

  1. Smoking- It is harmful to not just the respiratory system but for the reproduction life as well. The carbon monoxide fumes from smoking lead to the clotting of blood and reduce the count of the RBCs or the Red Blood Cells. This inhibits the blood circulation towards the private organs also and causes sexual dysfunctions.
  2. Alcoholism- Drinking as such cannot be blamed for an ED, but alcohol abuse can be. Heavy drinking slows down communication to the central nervous system, which makes it a hard thing to have a hard erection. Intensified boozing can have a negative effect in the long run.
  3. Vascular issues-A good blood rush to the genitals is what causes an exciting erection. Any element or factor that makes the arteries congested will result in the reduction of the blood supply.  Hence, any vascular problem like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or atherosclerosis, etc. can get in the way of a stiff penis.
  4. Diabetes-If you find it difficult to curb your sweet-tooth temptations, you might want to reconsider your choices. The mechanism here is much the same as the ones mentioned above. The high sugar level interrupts the working of the blood vessels and the nervous system. Poor or lack of control on the sugar levels is said to cause erectile dysfunctions.
  5. Obesity- Excess fats and many hormones also contribute to physical dissatisfaction. Over-weight is suggested to be the leading cause of damaging the blood vessels and can cut on the testosterone levels enough to cause the failure of a stiff or prolonged erection.
  6. Neurological issues- The simultaneous working of the brain and the nerves help to achieve a firm erection. So, if any interference is caused between the communication and the coordination of both of them, an ED can be well expected. They are common in the cases of Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s, etc.
  7. Anxiety- It can be both short-term and long-term. Brief thoughts like nervousness while making love or your diverted attention towards a professional glitch can also hamper a rigid erection. If you are constantly tensed about any other personal aspect, it can have an adverse impact on the penis.
  8. Trauma- Sometimes, it is the flashback of a traumatic scene that interferes at the time of jerking off. The physical dexterity not being synchronized with the mental presence can also prevent you from initiating or maintaining an erection. Psychological fears are reported to be the most common 11 issues that can cause erectile dysfunction.
  9. Medication- Even some prescription drugs or medication can hamper your bedroom performance. Anti-depressants and blood pressure control pills are the most common of all. Yes, medication is needed to tackle the issues of blood pressure and anxiety. Hence, the midway is to talk to your doctor and adopt therapies rather than medications for such medical problems. Also, always tell your doctor about the parallel dysfunction issue before administering other medicines.
  10. Surgery- Medical issues like enlargement of the prostate glands, bladder problems, or colorectal cancers have to be corrected with the help of the surgeries. During the processes, it might so happen that the nerves carrying oxygen and blood to the penis get disrupted. Resultantly, erection difficulties are faced by patients.
  11. Lifestyle- Our busy lives and modernization have changed the way of our living. Alcohol parties and smoking breaks are everyday scenes. Psychoactive drugs are also taken for pleasure purposes and to get rid of worrisome time. All such factors are responsible for erectile dysfunction by restricting the blood flow to the private part.

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How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?

EDs are common in men, and most of the time, they can be short and temporary due to various hormonal changes. If it is so, you should not give yourself a tough time. They can generally be corrected with simple modifications in our daily routine. Now that you know what factors are to be blamed that prevent you from having a great erected time it more important to know how you can get rid of the issues.

  • Avoid self-diagnosis and medication
  • Know the side-effects of medicines
  • Regulate your medication
  • Psychotherapy sessions
  • Natural supplements
  • Socialize to overcome stress
  • Walk regularly
  • Exercise moderately
  • Shed off weight
  • Control sugar level
  • Monitor food habits
  • Avoid high cholesterol food
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Cut on alcohol intake
  • Give up smoking
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Change the lifestyle
  • And last but not the least, talk to your partner as they are your ultimate confidence boosters.

You must duly note all these simple yet efficient methods to help you deal with the 11 issues that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Many diseases are lethal to the health of a man. Erectile dysfunction has become such a delicate subject for men that it affects their intimacy and psychological life. Irrespective of our genders, we must understand that it is high time that we stop considering erectile dysfunctions as stigmas. These taboos make the person remain shut about their personal and biological issues. We must encourage discussions on these topics to come out with a solution. EDs are not something that cannot be cured. Only awareness from the beginning and certain changes are needed to prevent them from occurring in the future.

If you have or are suspicious about any personal medical problem, you must consult a doctor today! Let not anything or anybody decide your masculinity or self-esteem because you are so much more than that.

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